#1 Specialists in permanent makeup & correction including tattoo removal in Westlake Ohio.

Our PIBrow Masters at RichEyes.NYC conceal and correct permanent makeup by using specialized inks and colors that are carefully blended to conceal old permanent makeup inks. About half of our work is correcting old permanent makeup inks and their side effects. Permanent makeup correction in Westlake Ohio can greatly improve and correct permanent makeup anywhere on the face or body.

We promote a healthy lifestyle and believe that feeling good about your appearance contributes greatly to supporting your entire health. Compared with surgery to improve your appearance, permanent makeup risks are minimal and offer many more options than one might expect.

Permanent makeup has come a long way and you may be a candidate for these new options. Check out FAQ’s here. Or contact us directly at our Westlake Ohio Office for your permanent makeup consultation.

New pigments and methods offer advanced technician artists with many new options only recently available. Now technicians can place pigment precisely in multiple shades and layers using much smaller pigment molecules than before. “This allows for more precise pigment blending preventing unnatural blotchy color fading over time while producing nearly perfect (to the naked eye) natural cosmetic results,” says Rich Edward, P.M.A. in Westlake Ohio. Specializing in safe non-surgical ways to look your best every day?

For eyes and lips, pigment placement mimics the skin’s outer cellular layering. Wake up looking great every day!

WHY CHOOSE US! RichEye.NYC began 2005 and is one of the first in the industry to pioneer semi-permanent cosmetics using a needle blade technique. Called the PIBrow Technique, the program is taught to technicians from all around the world.

Our PIBrow technicians are Master Educators or Ambassador Members of PiBrows Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement which involve over 8 different permanent make-up disciplines. Making the PIBrow© Technique one of the most natural and effective PM procedures known in the industry.

Prior to your procedure, you receive a consultation that demonstrates exactly what your end result will look like. Using pictures and sketches, your design is drawn directly upon the actual area to be treated digitally. You’ll see clearly how it will look before the procedure begins. We work together to make it the way you like it, no problem.

All of our Cosmetic Tattoo Artists and technicians complete annual OSHA Certified bloodborne pathogen certification, Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aid certification courses approved by all states. We only perform consumer-based Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures in Health Board Certified Establishments in accordance with the respective laws of a particular local.

  • Pre-sterilized disposable one-use-only needles
  • Pre-sterilized disposable tubes
  • Single-use, new pigment cup holders between pigments and clients
  • New gloves and mask between clients and throughout procedures(s)
  • Barrier film or spray on communicable surfaces
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant wipes for tables, lamps pigment bottles and instruments
  • New covers for tables and pillows
  • Medical sterilization procedures for all instruments
  • New wipes, gauze, cotton, and swabs
  • Medical Waste Management
  • A disposable needle containment system

The following is a “partial list” of individuals
that we feel are not good candidates for this type of tattoo process:

  • Pregnant women
  • Hemophiliac (bleeding disorder)
  • HIV Positive or HEP B or C
  • Active Infections (Staff, Cold Sores, Contagious Skin Lesions)
  • Individuals with Liver Disease

If you have questions or concerns about conditions not listed here, please contact our main office for a confidential assessment.

MEDICATIONS:  Please note that certain medications can affect how a tattoo holds or processes in the skin. Some medications can cause a spike in the PH of the skin and cause a premature fading or a graying of the color. Additional touch up sessions or early booster sessions may be required to adjust color or artistry if this happens. We cannot predict which medications will affect tattoos as most individuals take one or more prescription medications. All medications affect the skin.


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