• Nail Care

    Conveniently pampered can be you. Nail services are just an appointment away. Services vary according to local regulations. We use only the finest nail products available. See the brands listed on our website. “Whether on vacation or working around the clock, you no longer have a reason to not look your absolute best.  RichEyes.NYC Benefit […]

  • Hair Design

    Ever-changing… Beauty never stands still and neither should your quest for beauty. A great cut cannot only make your day but can change your life. Keep your look fresh and it’ll take care of you.  -RichE Styles, Now Magazine Although we specialize in eye beauty, the hair frames the eyes and sets the stage. Versatility! […]

  • Massage

    Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure. Techniques are commonly applied using hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally promoted as treatment for stress or pain. Our massage therapists skills and certifications vary according training and desired occupational direction. Prior to booking, please choose a massage therapist whose services match the […]

  • Mobile Makeup

    Do you have 15 minutes for a touch-up, 45 minutes for a makeover, or 90 minutes for a customized consultation? RichEyes.NYC beauty advisors are here for you. Call our award-winning makeup artists for your wedding. Our events team will custom tailor a mobile team for your occasion. You won’t be disappointed. Private personalized service that […]

  • Consultation

    Our professional consultations are based on the most respected knowledge used in the beauty industry today. We consider eyes, facial structure, lifestyle, hairstyle, color analysis, maintenance, and affordability. We then present to you an approach that meets your goals in an actionable plan. A plan that can make your beauty goals a reality.   “You […]

  • Blow Out

    Blow out is a must have feel good experience. Your options are many when it comes to the ultimate finish. Whether sleek and sexy or full and ravenous, we’ve got you covered. Hair additions are also available. Just a quick phone call or online appointment will get you started. Available at home, office, or hotel. […]

  • Brow Bar Services

    RichEyes.NYC offers a full service “Mobile Brow Bar” for easy on-the-go treatments. Just a quick phone call or online appointment and an eyebrow Specialists will be at your door.  Refreshing beautification right at your fingertips. Available at home, office, hotel or wherever. Group packages also available. “Whether on vacation or working around the clock, you […]

  • Men’s Semi-Permanent Makeup

    MEN’S SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP TODAY IS VERY NATURAL Men’s Micro-implantation pigments and colors are a game-changer for men. Now natural-looking long-lasting semi-permanent makeup is possible. Popular areas of treatment are eyebrows, eye lines, scars, scalp, and men with vitiligo. With 75% of our procedures being eyebrows, we have come to know the latest and most desired […]

  • Scalp Shading

    MICRO-SCALP SHADING  RichEyes.NYC technicians use 3D shading and multiple layer pigment implantation stimulating hair growth on bald spots, thinning hairlines, or for covering unsightly scars from donor or hair plug implants. Immediate long-lasting results on any area of the scalp. Hair loss can be shaded, from the “dome” to the hairline. An ideal option for […]

  • Vitiligo Camouflage

    HOW EFFECTIVE IS VITILIGO CAMOUFLAGE PIGMENT IMPLANTATION? RichEyes.NYC Permanent Makeup is extremely effective in camouflaging vitiligo. Results are instantaneous and last up to 3 years with minor fading. We implant pigment directly into the lighter patches of skin so they blend right in with your darker skin tones. It can be applied to the face, […]

  • Tattoo Camouflage Removal

    Tattoo Camouflage Removal An alternative to laser tattoo removal is now available for some. Are you a candidate? A RichEyes.NYC technician first evaluates your current tattoo and your desires. If you desire to minimally change your tattoo or it is heavily faded then tattoo camouflage removal could be for you.  You can choose to erase […]

  • Permanent Makeup Correction

    PERMANENT MAKEUP CORRECTION RichEyes.NYC conceals and corrects permanent makeup by using colors that are carefully blended to conceal old permanent makeup inks.  About half of our work is correcting old permanent makeup inks and their side effects. Permanent makeup correction can greatly improve and correct permanent makeup anywhere on the face or body. One of […]

  • Scar Camouflage Permanent Makeup 101

    Scar Camouflage Permanent Makeup Scar Camouflage Permanent Makeup is an option for embarrassing scars. How the appearance of scars are reduced? Our RichEyes.NYC technician evaluates the scar at the beginning of each session and chooses a color and custom blends colors to best match the natural skin tone. The pigment is deposited into the scar […]

  • Ombre Microblading

    PIBROW© gradually goes from dark on the tail to slightly lighter towards the nose bridge. It’s ideal for lighter haired people who would like to achieve a semi-permanent natural result that contrasts well with their natural skin tone. Works well with square, heart-shaped, and wider faces but can be modified to complement both oval and […]

  • Natural-On Nano Microblading

    PIBROW© Natural-On Nano appears tapered in color and density. This dramatic look is tapered in both color and density. Often achieved by using both a machine micro pigment implanting method and hand-tooled hair strokes. It has a more dramatic look that is best suited for the oval to square face shapes although can be modified […]

  • Powder Blush Microblading

    PIBROW© Powder Blush Microblading is a great semi-permanent procedure popular with people who have little or no hair naturally. The result is more subtle. Edges are implanted with a machine at various depths to obtain less fading over time in these key areas. Used sometimes to correct other people’s micro-blading where fading becomes more noticeable […]

  • Edge Shading Microblading

    PIBROW© Edge Shading or often called Blush Brow Micro-blading is a great semi-permanent procedure popular with people who have sparse edges or scars in their eyebrows. Used often to correct other people’s microblading where fading has become blotchy after a few months. Shorter individual hair strokes mimic the actual growth patterns of the hair imparting […]

  • 3D 6D Microblading

    PIBROW© 3-D and 6-D appear slightly dark at first but blend in after 1 month. Its an ideal service for someone who prefers to achieve a dimensional result that appears more pronounced. When performed correctly the 3-D effect looks deeper on the ends and is not either over-pronounced or under pronounced. The 6-D brow is […]

  • Micro Blading W/ Feather Stroke

    PIBROW© Feather Stroke Microblading (PMB) is for those who don’t want to deal with the daily filling out of their eyebrows with pencils but don’t want to commit to permanent makeup in this area. You have options. It is a semi-permanent procedure used to correct and enhance eyebrows. During the procedure, custom-blended shades of specialized […]

  • Beauty To Go Bar

      Beauty To-Go-Bar brings beauty to you. PAMPERING ON DEMAND 24/7. NO APP NEEDED. Everything is built right inside our mobile friendly website. No extra cost, it’s free to request service anytime. Click the BTG “Pamper ME” button below to try it out… Trusted by thousands, all artists and beauty experts are fully vetted. Only […]

  • Permanent Cosmetics Makeup

    Welcome to State-of-the-Art Permanent Makeup Enhancement! Permanent cosmetics now offer a beauty solution to look your best every day Permanent makeup has come a long way recently. See if you are a candidate for these new options. New pigments and methods offer advanced technician artists with many new options only recently available. Now technicians can […]

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