• Sarah Gibson

    Sarah is a Brow Technician  and licensed Esthetician. She graduated with from Aveda in 2006, and has over seven years of experience in the beauty industry. Sarah has an amazing ability to make her clients feel as though they are truly beautiful in LA.

  • Lisa Smart

    Lisa is a Beauty-to-go Brow Technician in Winthrop Maine and is an amazing artist. She has been doing brows for over six years and also has a background in fine arts. Lisa is passionate about art and drawing, as well as other forms of artistic expression. She is a perfectionist, and is devoted to excellent […]

  • Andrea Rossi

    Andrea is a Brow Specialist and has been doing amazing work in the beauty industry for over five years. She is a licensed esthetician and graduate of Aveda Institute. Andrea honed her skills working in high-end spas around the country, and is doing amazing work for her clients in NYC. Her facials are bliss.  

  • Richard Edward

    Richard Edward (RichE) has been in the beauty industry over 15 years. Has been performing Permanent Cosmetics since 2007. Has completed a multitude of advanced permanent makeup courses including helping to develop the companies PIBROW Method. He holds an BA degree equivalency in “Applied Aesthetics in Business.” He teaches the PIBROW Method throughout the USA, […]

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